Walking Together


GSB Fundraising is offering NOS congregations a terrific fall stewardship program. GSB has had great results with their congregational stewardship coaching - the "Beginning a Culture of Generosity" program is designed to get congregations thinking about stewardship.

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Book Study: Rooted & Rising: Voices of Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis

Beginning October 6, the Creation Care Team, a subcommittee of the Northern Illinois Synod Social Ministry Committee is excited to offer a seven-session book study via the Zoom platform on the book Rooted & Rising: Voices of Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis, edited by Leah D. Schade and Margaret Bullitt-Jonas.

“Rooted and Rising brings together a diverse range of voices to explore the spiritual perspectives that sustain climate activism. Featuring study questions and spiritual practices, this remarkable collection of chapters is for everyone concerned about the climate crisis.”

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The one-hour session will be led by members of the team, with a combination of large group discussion and small group breakout rooms moderated by team members.

Members of the team who are planning and will be facilitating the sessions are the Rev. Robert Franek, Ms. Becky Keller (chair), the Rev. Scott Ralston, the Rev. Jeff Schlesinger, the Rev. Carol Soderholm. Deacon Cheryl Erdmann will be the Zoom host.

To join the book study, please register below. There is no cost to participate, although participants will need to buy the book which is available from the usual book sellers. It is available as an e-book and either via hardcover or paperback.

If you have any questions, please contact Becky Keller at

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Council Presidents Zoom Meeting with Bishop

Bishop Clements invites congregation council presidents of the Northern Illinois Synod to one of two Zoom conversations to discuss some of the common issues we currently face in our congregations.

There is still one opportunity left for the congregation council presidents of the Northern Illinois Synod to meet with Bishop Clements via Zoom. The date of the remaining conversation is Thursday, September 17 at 7 p.m. Please register below if you wish to participate. You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting on the morning of the event.

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Seeds of Life and Hope

August 31, 2020
7:00 pm

A resourcing event for congregations and leaders in the Northern Illinois Synod – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has designated October 16, 2020, as World Food Day.

Estimates indicate that nearly a billion people in the world are hungry. The United Nations suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic could add another 130 million. It is a critical time for those in need!

The Northern Illinois Synod World Hunger Team with the support of the World Hunger Program of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America invites your congregation to honor World Food Day by holding a World Hunger Sunday during October.

Please register by August 30. Monday, August 31, 7:00 pm, the Northern Illinois Synod World Hunger Team will present “Seeds of Life and Hope,” an event to share resources for your congregation’s own World Hunger Sunday.

The Northern Illinois Synod World Hunger Team works with ELCA World Hunger Program:

Please use the registration form below to assist the World Hunger team in presenting the resourcing event.

For more information, contact Pr. Gary Erickson.

World Hunger Team

  • Myrna Andersen
  • Brynn Conway
  • Sue Cording
  • Wayne Derber
  • Carol Erickson
  • Gary Erickson (synod liaison)
  • Jamie Gallagher
  • Amy Hoening
  • Rick Meier
  • Norm Moline
  • Scott Schmidt
  • Bob Stark
  • Kent Terry
  • Becky Wright (team chair)

“Creatively and courageously working toward a just world where all are fed.”
-ELCA World Hunger

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Youth Leaders Sought for Light

The Synod Youth Subcommittee is searching for youth who are leaders in their congregations and their communities to be a part of the Synod's LIGHT team. The LIGHT team was formed in an initiative to cooperatively plan, at the synod level, ministry for youth and young adults. These youth leaders work together to generate ideas, plan the event(s), and lead the event(s) they planned. The adults on the team are available for support and guidance.

Please spend some time in prayer thinking about the youth in your congregation. Then, as you feel led, please encourage your leaders, in grades 9-12, to apply to be a part of this team. The application can be found here. We are looking for two student representatives from each conference and for two more students to fill at-large bids. This means the team is 18 students strong. All are welcome to apply.

The coronavirus has thrown a wrench in how we typically work, so the meeting schedule will be adjusted, as needed, for coronavirus. Our typical schedule would include regular meetings via zoom to check-in with each other and complete follow-up items. The majority of the planning happens at 4-5 in person meetings that have taken place in Oregon, IL because it is most central to the team members. The in person retreats are typically Friday 7 pm-Saturday 12 pm. We work hard, we play hard, and we worship together during this time.

This year's LIGHT team has presented at CRE and Synod Assembly in 2019 and have planned an event that has been postponed several times due to coronavirus. While we may not be able to offer the Ignite 2020 event, the youth have worked extremely hard to plan all the details of a great weekend of faith formation and fun. We look forward to this year's team and all that they will work towards.

Your questions about the team may be directed to Rev. Karyn Kost, Youth Subcommittee Chair, at 815-661-6315 or


Northern Illinois Synod Youth Subcommittee

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Making Christ Known

    Christ, Stockton

    Pr. Paul Gebo

    Thanks to the initiative of Nicole Haas, we are offering food and household supplies to members of the Stockton community, through our "Mini Pantry."

    Just outside the doors of the church sits a container of goods, with the invitation to "Take What you need. Donate what you can." The Stockton Food Pantry is only open a few hours each week, so this mini pantry offers members of the community extra opportunities to receive the things they might need. Nicole is very involved in the Christ Lutheran family, as well as the larger community. She was the head of my call committee (and now heads our Mutual Ministry team); she is a wife and the mother of two fine boys, one of whom is in our Affirmation of Baptism classes; and she serves as the Brand Director for the Greater Freeport Partnership.

    She is also one of the invaluable group of members who have been assisting me in our online/live-streamed worship services. Through the technologies of Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube, Christ Lutheran has been reaching out and proclaiming the gospel to people around the globe. Nicole and others are helping to upgrade our electronic equipment, so that we may continue offering the quality worship experiences, both now and, importantly, even once we are able to resume gathering together physically for worship.

    As challenging as it has been, this pandemic has given us opportunities to be imaginative and creative in the ways we proclaim the good news to our communities. I am faithful that we will come through this a stronger and more vibrant church and a more unified body of Christ.

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