Seeds of Life and Hope

August 31, 2020
7:00 pm

A resourcing event for congregations and leaders in the Northern Illinois Synod – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has designated October 16, 2020, as World Food Day.

Estimates indicate that nearly a billion people in the world are hungry. The United Nations suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic could add another 130 million. It is a critical time for those in need!

The Northern Illinois Synod World Hunger Team with the support of the World Hunger Program of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America invites your congregation to honor World Food Day by holding a World Hunger Sunday during October.

Please register by August 30. Monday, August 31, 7:00 pm, the Northern Illinois Synod World Hunger Team will present “Seeds of Life and Hope,” an event to share resources for your congregation’s own World Hunger Sunday.

The Northern Illinois Synod World Hunger Team works with ELCA World Hunger Program:

Please use the registration form below to assist the World Hunger team in presenting the resourcing event.

For more information, contact Pr. Gary Erickson.

World Hunger Team

  • Myrna Andersen
  • Brynn Conway
  • Sue Cording
  • Wayne Derber
  • Carol Erickson
  • Gary Erickson (synod liaison)
  • Jamie Gallagher
  • Amy Hoening
  • Rick Meier
  • Norm Moline
  • Scott Schmidt
  • Bob Stark
  • Kent Terry
  • Becky Wright (team chair)

“Creatively and courageously working toward a just world where all are fed.”
-ELCA World Hunger

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