Spiritual Practices Affinity Group gathering

At last year’s Professional Leaders’ Conference, Bishop Clements asked those in attendance to create a list of topics for “Affinity Groups”.  The topics included a variety of congregational and pastoral issues.  One of the groups was entitled “Liturgy, Labyrinths, Icons, and Ancient Practices in Today’s Church”.  In a recent conversation with Bishop Clements, we asked if we could convene a group to explore what role these ancient practices might have in the life of the congregation you serve.  He graciously encouraged us to do so.

To that end, we would invite any of who are interested in this subject to attend an organizational meeting for such a study/interest group.  It will be held at the Professional Leaders’ Conference on Tuesday, September 19 immediately following the Bishop’s Hour – approximately 2:30 pm.  The place for the meeting will be announced that day.

If you will be planning on attending, please let us know by responding to either of us(see email addresses below) with your pertinent contact information.  If you cannot attend this gathering but are still interested in the topic, please indicate that interest and we will be in touch.

If you have questions before our gathering, please free to contact either one of us.  We have both experienced how these ancient practices have provided faithful and effective ways for persons to deepen their spiritual lives.


Pr. Twila Schock                                                                                Pr. Troy Hedrick

815-885-2522 – twila@makingchristknown.org                      815-394-1762 –thjh3638@att.net