St. John, Peru

Pr. Tom Redig

This is what St. John’s Lutheran Church is doing in Peru, IL.  We started a ministry called the Mask Bench.  We have plenty of people making masks and donating them to the church.  We put them in baggies and tie them with yarn to the bench outside our entrance.  The past two weeks, we have made and given away over 100 masks, not only for our congregation but for our community.  We just can’t keep up with the demand.  We put out approximately 10-12 masks at 8:30 a.m. and they are all gone by 12:00 p.m. We put out another 10-12 before we leave for the day and again, they are all gone when we start a new day.  Certainly a God thing.  When we first put them out, we wondered if anyone would need them.  God had other things in mind.  We have plenty of fabric to continue this ministry but we are struggling with elastic.  Many are waiting for their next shipment in the mail to continue this ministry.