St. John’s, Mendota

Susan Garner

Zoom Worship, Sunday 9am (have had about 80-85 computers who have joined each week)

Our musicians have recorded music to share at the zoom services as well as for posting on our Facebook.

Executive Team and Council meeting on zoom.

Property Team, Finance Team meeting through email, phone, etc.

Custodians have been disinfecting the facility.

The directory of membership has been shared with staff, council, and outreach team and each one has been given a page from the directory to telephone or contact the active members for a wellness check.

Good Samaritan Fund have been supplemented to help those in the church and local community who have needs during this crisis.

Staff are delivering food, gift cards, face masks, etc. to needy families and to those who are alone in the church.

Financial gifts have been arriving in the mail.  St. John’s is blessed.

These are some of the things we are doing.  I telephone various people each day and have discovered that many members are contacting one another and providing needs for their neighbors and friends.