Stewardship and Mission Support Strategy

Approved by Synod Assembly
June 18, 2011


Marked with the Cross of Christ, Stewards for Life

Theological Principles

  • Our roots of faith begin in baptism and grow through our relationship with God.
  • God blesses us and invites us to become good disciples and good stewards.
  • Being a good steward is a spiritual matter and connects to all of life.
  • Practicing good stewardship enables us to grow spiritually.
  • In response to our relationship with God, we are called to steward a spirit-filled life of sharing and caring that embraces all creation advocating justice and peace.


  • We believe growing good disciples and stewards is fundamental to the mark of the cross of Christ.
  • We believe God has given us abundant gifts to use in this world.
  • We believe generous hearts are filled with gratitude and joy.
  • We believe asset-based thinking and planning are characteristic of responsible stewardship.
  • We believe change and transition are part of daily life challenging us to grow in faith.
  • We value interdependent relationships among the leaders and members of this church- in our congregationssynods, agencies and institutions, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  • We believe Christians are stewards who share personal responses to their faith in Christ within the community and beyond.
  • We believe first fruits and proportionate giving are part of our personal faith response.

Synod Goals and Guides

  • Sustain 55% or more for Mission Support of ELCA ministries.
  • Expect 15% Mission Support as a starting point for all congregations including new mission starts.
  • Expect all congregations to provide a Statement of Intent for Mission Support each year.
  • Encourage all congregations to grow at least 1 percent in Mission Support and other benevolence each year.
  • Encourage 10% of all undesignated bequests be given to synod ministries.
  • Encourage financial gifts to the synod endowment fund.