Take Action: State Budget Impasse Hurting Illinois Nonprofits

Illinois has entered its fifth month without a budget. Initially, many predicted the budget impasse would not last long. Nonprofits, including Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI), have dealt with payment reductions, flat reimbursement rates, and even some late payments from the state before. LSSI has become adept at dealing with these challenges so that we can continue to assist the adults and children who need help.

This recent letter to the editor in the Chicago Tribune, signed by 11 Chief Financial Officers from human service providers, including LSSI, highlights the critical challenges these organizations face as the state continues without a budget.

The budget impasse has reached critical levels and your advocacy is needed now more than ever. LSSI is doing all that it can to keep providing services, but we—and fellow human service organizations across the state—need a state budget now! Please join LSSI and Lutheran Advocacy-Illinois in urging our legislators and the governor to pass a state budget.

How can you help?

Email or call your state legislators (representative and senator) as well as Gov. Rauner—let them know it is crucial for them to pass a state budget. This online link will take you to a sample message; provides an additional link to help you find contact information on your state legislators, and includes a printable bulletin insert (also included below) to distribute to congregations.

Thank you for taking action. Please contact Jennifer DeLeon, Director of LSSI Government Relations and Lutheran Advocacy-Illinois, Jennifer.DeLeon@LSSI.org, should you have additional questions.

Download (PDF, 446KB)