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Transition Team April Blog

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Andy Tyrrell.  I have served as the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Richmond, IL for the last four years.  As you know Bishop Wollersheim is retiring after 18 years of faithful service to our synod.  In order to recognize Bishop Wollersheim and provide a smooth transition for our next Bishop the Synod Council decided to put into place a transition team.  As part of that team, I was asked to keep you all updated with a regular blog.

It’s an exciting time for the transition team as we are drawing closer to the bishop’s election in June.  We have received final approval on the bishop’s election process from synod council. This month each conference of the synod will hold meetings with pastors and lay delegates to clarify the process.  With guidance of the conference deans, members of the transition team will lead conversation about the election.

We are also in the process of honoring Bishop Wollersheim and Polly for their faithful service to our synod. While there are many celebrations being planned, I was asked to mention one specific detail. One of Polly’s favorite activities is cooking.  As part of her gift, congregations of the NIS are being asked to make her a decorative apron.  The aprons should be sent to the Rockford synod office no later than June 1.

We recently learned the bishops of our companion synods will be joining us for the installation of the new bishop.  In the coming months, the worship and music committee will be planning the service.  Save the date for September 24!

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact a representative of the transition team.  We greatly appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,

Rev. Andy Tyrrell