Trinity, Derinda (Elizabeth)

Dianne Zink

On March 25, 2020, I was contacted by a lady to make masks for the E.R. at Freeport Hospital.  She has a niece who works there and they were in need of masks. She devised a pattern and e-mailed it to me.  It was very specific as it had a pocket to hold filter material and also a pocket for a piece of plastic to mould around your nose.  This was done so the filter and plastic could be sterilized by the hospital and then masks would be taken home and laundered.

In three days, Barb Lyons, Cindy Hoffer, and I made over 25 masks and sent them to the lady.  She inserted the filters and plastic and gave them to the E.R. at Freeport Hospital.

I have been making masks for neighbors and also some for the Stockton Nursing Home and also more for the Freeport Hospital. We will be making more now that they are required to wear them when shopping.