Urge Your Representative to Pass the Global Food Security Act of 2016 (S. 1252)

 Over the last year, we asked you to take action by encouraging your members of Congress to support the Global Food Security Act. Thanks to your advocacy and the actions of hundreds of Lutherans, both the House of Representative and the Senate passed their versions of the bill.

The House and Senate bills are very similar. However, because the two bills are not identical and the Senate calendar is full, we need the House to pass the Senate version of the legislation. Once passed, the bill will be sent to President Obama for signature.

Tell your U.S. representatives to pass the Senate’s version of the Global Food Security Act now!

The Global Food Security Act will provide Congressional authorization to Feed the Future, a U.S. government initiative charged with combating chronic hunger and food insecurity around the world. Feed the Future ensures that every dollar spent in global agricultural programs increases productivity, expands opportunities for education, reduces violence, and helps those who suffer from food scarcity. Through Feed the Future, countries are able to increase agricultural and nutritional investments. As a result, farmers are able to feed their families, communities, and can contribute to their countries’ economic growth.

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