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Dear Ones, 

Today we gather together for the first of our Sabbath Space gatherings, an opportunity to practice Sabbath rest. Below is some important information about today's gathering and those that are coming. 

Sabbath Space

Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God” (Exodus 20:9–10).

I don’t think that Sabbath can be practiced by isolated individuals. I think you’ve got to have a community around you that supports you.  ~ Walter Brueggeman

In response to a commonly expressed need among our leaders, we will be offering a once-a-month Sabbath Space. This opportunity to practice Sabbath rest is offered as a gift of renewal.

Sabbath is intended to be a time set apart as a release from your daily responsibilities, opening us up body and spirit to renewal and rejuvenation. Too often, however, rostered leaders are overwhelmed by the schedules and demands of the parish and do not get a regular, even monthly, experience of Sabbath. 

Sabbath Space will be offered on the dates below. Your congregational leaders will be strongly encouraged to support your participation. The day will offer both structure and freedom: you may come to a site in person or observe sabbath at home; you may participate in an opening prayer examen and closing ritual or use that time for holy rest. The choice is yours. We only ask that you use this day to step outside of the obligations of daily ministry to renew your spirit and to delight in God.

  • May 16 @ LOMC (or your location) please stop by the LOMC Office upon arrival

The day will begin with a 9:30 am Zoom and opening examen prayer. A closing ritual will be offered at 2:15 pm. The rest of the day, you may form your own sabbath, engage in any of the prayer or meditation guides that will be offered on-site and through a link, or simply breathe. 

For those joining us online here are the Zoom links that you will need:

A space for resource sharing has been created on Google Drive, to access resources provided online, please click here

To watch the recent Journey Films movie on Sabbath and look at their resources, please click here

If you have questions about this opportunity, contact Deacon Judy Rooney at or Deacon Laura Gorton at