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The Northern Illinois Synod is launching a new worshipping community in Oswego, IL, called Becoming. Becoming is one of the ways that we, as the body of Christ, can claim the gospel of invitation, acceptance, and belonging of all people. This new worshipping community, affirmed through the Northern Illinois Synod Council, will be initially funded through grants from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Northern Illinois Synod. 

Becoming is created to be a faith community that will explore ways that all God’s children are loved and liberated. Becoming recognizes that the experience of the church has not always been a positive one for people often excluded and silenced for their voice and identity. Becoming will make space for those who are healing and discovering what the Gospel proclaims.  

Becoming invites you to join them as they create a worship experience that is grounded in Lutheran grace and is intentionally participatory, inspired, and alive. You are invited to bring your authentic self, your culture, your customs, your questions, and your openness to the table as we live into God’s transformative grace.  

Bishop Stacie Fidlar reflected on how Becoming lives into how we are the body of Christ:

“Each congregation has been brought forth by God, called to be a place of transformation for the people and community in that particular place for this particular time. In these past years, we have witnessed the church change, and God invites us to engage in the various events happening around our country and world. Becoming can be a place where hard conversations can happen while being rooted in God’s boundless, undying love. Being the body of Christ in the here and now is what we are all Becoming when we are making sure that the table is set and the doors are open.” 

 Stewarded by Rev. Patrick Fish, Becoming will be a place that is centered in grace and rooted in the Gospel. Rev. Fish remarked, “I'm excited to return to my hometown and be part of an intentionally inclusive and multicultural faith community. I’m committed to creating a space that opens us up to explore how the kingdom of God is lived out in our community.” 

Join us at Becoming as we create a community that is outward-focused, servant-minded, and mission-centered. 

Becoming officially launches on November 1, 2023. To keep up to date on all the happenings, please follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@BecomingOswego) or check them out at