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Growing in Faith: The diakoniaTM Program is an invitation into a community of friends seeking to deepen their faith for mutual growth and service.  A two-year curriculum allows folks to move at their own pace to progress through foundational and practical learning. As participants read, study, discuss, and share together, a special bond is created. 

On this diakoniaTM Sunday we hope you will consider supporting this program as a partnership with your congregational ministry.  Those who participate become equipped to use their gifts of service in your faith community.

Last year’s Northern Illinois Synod Assembly affirmed:

Growing in Faith: The diakoniaTM Program is in partnership with NIS for adult faith formation and as a foundational resource for Synod Authorized Ministers.

Congregations with diakoniaTM graduates (or current participants) should consider involving them in worship.

Each congregation is encouraged to receive a freewill offering in support of diakonia™.  Each is asked to use the offering to support one or more members, who cannot attend for financial reasons, to participate in the program.

  • Resources for diakoniaTM Sunday, May 5, 2024 – Sixth Sunday of Easter – Year B
    • Lectionary texts: Acts 10:44-48 • Psalm 98 • 1 John 5:1-6 • John 15:9-17
    • Theme: “From Servants to Friends”
    • Suggested Hymn of the Day: ELW #659 “Will You Let Me Be Your Servant”
    • Preaching Starter:
      • This Sunday’s image of the life that the risen Christ shares with us is the image of friendship. We are called to serve others as Jesus came to serve; but for John’s gospel, the image of servanthood is too hierarchical, too distant, to capture the essence of life with Christ. Friendship captures the love, the joy, the deep mutuality of the relationship into which Christ invites us. The Greeks believed that true friends are willing to die for each other. This is the mutual love of Christian community commanded by Christ and enabled by the Spirit.