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Faith Lutheran Church Rochelle and Jubilee Church, Sandapet, India, are innovative global partners. Funds from Faith bought Covid relief food packages for families at Sandapet. The photo shows Esther Prabhakar sharing candy from Faith with the children at Jubilee.

Esther Prabhakar shares how the active relationship includes the following:

  • We remember each other in prayer every Sunday during intercessory prayer.
  • Our pastor keeps in touch with Jubilee pastor thru Facebook and John and I call Pr. Armstrong thru Whatsap ( which is free) once a month or so. Pastors have exchanged Christmas/ Easter greetings to congregations live or thru bulletin inserts occasionally.
  • Every December Faith Sunday school children sign and mail 50 cards to Jubilee church Sunday school children. They do the same. This is an annual event.
  • We have celebrated Women’s (WELCA ) Sunday by exchanging sermons from their ladies. We did the same for youth Sunday in 2009.
  • We have helped Jubilee church with finances a few times. Faith Adult Forum sponsored the Library program at ALC schools for 3 years thru LPGM. Once when the Jubilee church roof collapsed because of heavy rains and floods, we sent some funds. Recently we sent money to buy groceries at time of CoVid devastation to members of the congregation. It was much appreciated by them. 156 families were helped with groceries.
  • Whenever ALC visitors come to NISynod, we invite them to our church also, to meet people, bring greetings at church service or preach etc.