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Parenting Kids with Anxiety

A new course on Being for the ELCA-Primary members.  In these lessons, Renee Jain, will teach you how to help your kid transform their anxiety into courage, confidence, resilience, and self-love. Log into your myPortico account and go to Being.

Living with Anxiety and Depression

Another new course on Being for the ELCA-Primary members.  In this learning experience, helps you understand what's happening in your brain and body when you're stuck in the negativity loop — a vicious cycle of negative thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors. Learn strategies for recognizing the bad habits that perpetuate it and provides science-based strategies for replacing negative habits with healthier ones to boost overall wellbeing. Log into your myPortico account and go to Being.

Annual Enrollment for 2023

Each summer, Portico reaches out to help you get a jump on Portico's Annual Enrollment. Why? Health benefits are critically important to the ELCA's rostered ministers and church staff.  Portico's 2023 Annual Enrollment will be required again this October. Before then, you’ll need to review Portico's health benefit options and costs, and select one option to offer next year. Look for helpful resources right available on EmployerLink.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Struggling with problems related to grief, marriage, parenting, work-related challenges, finances, or substance abuse? EAP is a great first step. It can connect you with a master's-level professional counselor who can provide up to six covered sessions per issue per year at no added cost to you. First Step: Call 800.432.5155; available 24/7.  A benefit through Beacon Health.