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Executive Director Job Description
Rockford Area Lutheran Ministries


This position is to carry out the vision of collaboration for Rockford Area Lutheran Ministries in accordance with the mission statement, values and goals of RALM under the direction of and in cooperation with the RALM Cabinet, by inspiring, equipping and coordinating the RALM mission


Organizational and communications skills (including public speaking, email, Microsoft Office, and writing) volunteer and data management and good interpersonal skills. Candidate should be a member of a Lutheran Church in good standing or a member of a ELCA full communion partner denomination. *
Candidate should be in agreement with the faith and mission statement of the RALM board.


Bachelor’s Degree (preferred but not required) or experience equivalent

Supervised by

Executive Committee of RALM Cabinet

Passion for

Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community. 



Weekly Hours

25 hours per/week (including some weekends and evenings)


  • Administrative
    • Plan and coordinate monthly Cabinet meetings, Annual Meeting, and annual brainstorming and vision casting  gatherings (i.e.: establish agenda, publicize dates, distribute reports, etc.) 
    • Equip, manage and support event teams and ministry areas; coordinate communication and schedules
    • Oversee the development of any marketing and communication plan for RALM, including social media, website, and other publicity
    •  Assist in the recruitment of delegates and volunteers
    • Hire, supervise and direct all staff based on Cabinet approved job descriptions
    • Direct and coordinate the RALM office 
    • Assist with the financial and budgeting matters in conjunction with the Cabinet
    •  Identify and seek funding sources appropriate to support our mission (grant requests, Thrivent funds, fundraising, “Friends of RALM”, etc.)
  • Mission Plan Implementation
    • Develop and maintain relationships with RALM member congregations and collaborative partners. 
    • Participate and represent RALM in Northern Illinois Synod programs, and partner ministry events. 
    • Foster relationships with other religious bodies, community, governmental and civic leaders.
    • Work to identify gifts and passions of individuals, congregations and clusters of congregations in fulfilling the purpose of collaborative ministry in the Rockford area