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2024 Update on Health Rates and Plan Changes

If you have ELCA-Primary health benefits:

  • Your 2024 baseline rate will increase 2.5%, which is lower than the 3% rate increase last year, making it the lowest in ten years. In addition to the baseline increase, contribution rates may also increase approximately 2-3% annually as you age and adjust when your health coverage level changes (that is, if you choose to enroll your spouse and/or children).
  • If you have the ELCA-Primary Gold+ option, your deductibles will increase to $1,700 for member only, $2,550 for member and children, and $3,400 for member and spouse or member, spouse, and children. Coinsurance, out-of-pocket limits, and prescription drug cost-share will not change

 If you have ELCA Medicare-Primary health benefits

  • Your rate will increase or decrease due to our negotiated group rate and claims experience with Humana, depending on which option you select. The following are the 2024 monthly contribution rates for ELCA Medicare-Primary benefits, including dental benefits and the group Medicare Advantage PPO plan with prescription drug coverage:
    • Premium option $326 (up $16/month from 2023 rates)
    • Standard option $280 (up $8/month from 2023 rates)
    • Economy option $140 (down $27/month from 2023 rates)
  • Your 2024 rates continue to be lower than three years ago before we moved to Humana Part D prescription drug coverage.

 With 2024 Annual Enrollment beginning soon, a few reminders:

  • You will receive more information about 2024 Annual Enrollment and your specific benefits in the next few months.  Watch your inbox!
  • The ELCA recommends two ELCA-Primary health benefit options: (1) Gold+ or (2) Silver+ with a monthly employer contribution to the member's health savings account (HSA). If your employer offers Silver+, you’ll have the choice to stay with Silver+ or choose the Gold+ option.
  • You will receive more information about 2024 Annual Enrollment and your specific benefits in the next few months.
  • Sponsoring employers can estimate their 2024 costs using their Custom Comparison Report on EmployerLink to arrive around August 22nd.

 2024 Annual Enrollment

  • Retirees select Oct. 2 – 11
  • Congregations/Organizations select Oct. 2 – 13
  • Plan members select in waves starting October 19

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jennifer Prinz, Regional Representative from Portico.  She can be reached at or Portico’s Customer Care Center at 800-352-2876.