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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
1330 13th Street, Moline, IL 61265


Youth & Family Minister

Shared Expectations of All Trinity Staff

All Employees of Trinity are expected to demonstrate open hearts, growing minds, and faithful spirits as they enthusiastically share their gifts and the gifts of others. Each employee is expected to embrace the spirit of Trinity’s ministry with a supportive perspective and have a personal theology consistent with our Christian heritage and traditions. These expectations will be demonstrated through maintaining strict confidentially and discretion while relating to others in a courteous, respectful, and compassionate manner in a positive team environment.

Position Overview:

The Youth & Family Minister, a full-time position, will create and lead an environment of trust, faith-development, care, education, and service for children and families. The Youth & Family Minister will recruit, train, inspire and support volunteers in and out of the congregation to make this effort attractive, exciting, and sustainable.

Reports To: Pastor, Youth & Family Ministry Support Team

Supervises: Volunteers

FLSA Status: Exempt

Principal Responsibilities:

  1. Focus on youth ages 0-18, and their families. Identify and respond to their hopes, needs and expectations.
  2. Gives guidance and referral to individuals, families, and groups who are dealing with issues that affect their everyday lives, including, but not limited to blended families, relationships, school issues, stress/anxiety, self-image/identity, substance abuse, bullying, anger management, grief, depression, or suicide.
  3. Be present and active in the places where youth and families are found. 25% on the property, 75% off the property and in the community.
  4. Lead Faith/Spiritual Formation for those youth and families.
  5. Create a technology-based system of registration, assessment, communication, and responsive follow-up for youth and families.
  6. Maintain strong personal and professional boundaries and lead the implementation of the Trinity Lutheran Church Safe Child Policy.
  7. Create effective, motivational peer groups that meet the interests and developmental needs of the youth. Encourage youth to pursue personal growth, develop new insights, and deepen interpersonal relationships through regular participation in group discussion and experiences.
  8. Be a vocal advocate and ambassador for youth and families as they relate to the whole Trinity congregation.
  9. Help youth and familyies partner with other congregations, ministry partners, community organizations, health-related agencies, and schools that will create opportunities for service, advocacy, and justice.

Position Qualifications:

  1. Undergraduate or Master’s degree in related field and 5 years of experience with youth and families.
  2. Innovation, creativity, patience, ability to overcome obstacles, vision, and an eagerness to build a sustainable and thriving youth and family community from the “ground up”.
  3. Experience and capability with technology, especially social media.
  4. Proven record of recruiting, training, and energizing volunteers. A commitment to encouragement and teamwork. Ability to deal with difficult people and situations with grace and professionalism.
  5. Understanding of Lutheran/Protestant theologies and practices, and how those apply to and are useful in the daily lives of youth and families.
  6. Knowledge and experience serving with people and groups traditionally on the margins of or excluded from the Lutheran-ELCA church, and experience with contemporary issues facing youth and families.
  7. Successful state and federal background checks.

Working Conditions and Physical Demands:

Typical office environment with occasional lifting of over 25 pounds required. Keyboarding duties may require sitting and viewing a computer monitor for periods of time. Corrected vision and hearing in normal range required for greeting visitors, answering phones, and interacting with others. Driving short and long distances is expected, as is extensive walking. Work hours include weekend activities, retreats, and outdoor activities. Travel may be required.