Walking Together Congregational Inserts will be published four times a year. 

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A Word from Bishop Stacie Fidlar

The Lord IS with you!

And I have the privilege of hearing your stories of how God is at work among you and the living Christ walking with you. This insert, to be sent out 4 times a year, is an opportunity to share some of those stories. It will help us “walk together” as a synod, as the body of Christ throughout Northern Illinois.  

Our theme together as a synod this year is Open God’s Story. It calls us back to God’s story of redemption and reconciliation, love and hope, and challenges us all to recognize the ways God’s story intersects with our own stories. Who do you identify with in the Biblical story? How do the stories of the Bible open your eyes to how God is at work? How does the power of Christ’s story live in your life?

As we gather at the CRE on March 16, Pastor Miguel Gomez-Acosta will join us. He brings a challenge to us to not only know God’s story AND our own stories of faith – but to learn how to share them. When you Open God’s Story in your life, how has it shaped you? And how do you share that story with others?

I read a phrase recently that is sticking in my mind – liquid time. Our world is changing so rapidly that time feels fluid. Nothing ever quite settles under our feet before we have to figure out our next steps. God’s story has seen such times before in history; that’s why knowing it and our place in it is so important. With all the shifts around us, we always know this: we are marked with the cross of Christ forever. Nothing changes that. We are part of a love that does not let us go, that pursues us, seeks us, and reminds us constantly in the swirls of chaos that we ARE beloved.

How do you live and share that story?

Open God’s Story

Throughout the year the Northern Illinois Synod will be diving deep into scripture as we reflect on how we open God’s story. Take a moment to read through Genesis 12:1-4, as you read through it you are invited to ponder the following questions:

V - What values are present in this story?

O - Where are there invitations to openness in this story?

C - What voices, literal and metaphorical, are calling in this story?

A - Where is attention invested in this story?

R - What regrets are present in this story?

E - How is God’s presence experienced in this story?

What does this mean for your life?

Mission Moment

Bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)

Bishop Stacie Fidlar, along with two others, traveled to Tanzania for the consecration of Bishop Godson Abel Mollel, Bishop of the North Central Diocese of Tanzania.

While Bishop Fidlar was in Tanzania, they had the chance to not only meet with local leaders who are opening God’s story in their communities but also spent time in various ministries that congregations in the Northern Illinois Synod have supported over the years. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting the now-finished School of Nursing that the Northern Illinois Synod helped to build with generous gifts. The newly completed nursing school has expanded to include Social Work classes to meet a growing need. As Bishop noted in her trip recap, “It is an amazing thing to see this dream come to reality.”

You are invited to pray for Bishop Abel, for the leaders of the North Central Diocese of Tanzania, and for the nursing school. Your partnership and gifts have strengthened our relationship with the North Central Diocese of Tanzania and we are excited to continue to grow into our partnership as we walk together, loving Christ, and loving all for the sake of the world.