The 2021 CRE offering will go to support the Arcot Lutheran Church’s ALC Institute of Paramedical Sciences. The Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC) of India is one of our two companion synod partnerships and has a strong history of providing educational opportunities for the people of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This program is to provide opportunities for young people who have completed their elementary and secondary education, which is often received in schools of the ALC, but whose prospects for employment or further education are limited. This program began in 2019 with initial funding from the Polly Wollersheim Fund for Literacy.

The program offers education leading to a diploma which allows the graduates to work as Nursing Assistants.

Completion of this course of education and training will allow the students to serve in a profession with a sustainable salary, allowing them to support themselves. One field where people with this kind of training is especially needed is in the area of Geriatric Care. There are many openings for Nursing Assistants to provide basic care to older adults in their home.

Although the Institute has gotten off to a good start, it continues to need support for scholarships for the students, for equipment and resources, and repairs and upgrades to the building to allow the Institute to provide a quality learning environment. Thank you for your support of our siblings in Christ in India.