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In this time of a pandemic and a health emergency, how do congregations offer help and support to their communities and to the local health officials who are trying to do all they can to mitigate spread of the COVID-19 virus?

Lord of Love Lutheran Church, Galena, has responded to this need by partnering with the State of Illinois and Jo Daviess County to offer their congregation as a vaccination site in both August and September, 2021.

Pastor Robin Luckey, the pastor of Lord of Love, found that being a site for a vaccine clinic was not only of benefit to the community, but also a great way to partner with other community and government organizations. As she said, “I could not believe how helpful the officials and vendors were. They checked in almost every day to make sure we had what we needed.” She hoped that if other synod congregations are approached to serve as a vaccination clinic site, or if a congregation is interested and able to offer their building, they will.

She also was pleased because some of those who came for their shots had not had any experience with the congregation previously, and they said how very welcomed they felt by both the officials and the congregation members who were there. As proclaimed by their members, “At Lord of Love, when we say “All Are Welcome,” we mean it. (