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The 2021 Northern Illinois Synod Professional Leaders Conference will be held September 20-21. 2021 via Zoom. Our Speaker/Presenter will be Professor Dr. Joy J. Moore, Professor of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary. As a committee, we invited Dr. Moore last fall because we felt Dr. Moore’s focus on Practical Theology expressed through preaching, and how churches tell The Story in our culture, especially in this time of high uncertainty and anxiety, would be so helpful for our leaders. We are in the process of firming up the titles and content of her presentations, but we wanted to get the date and basic information up now, for everyone’s planning.

Although the planning committee had hoped we would be in-person this fall, because of changes at Sinsinawa Mound, leading them to be unable to host us this fall, and the time needed to find another venue, as well as, of course, continued uncertainty around the health emergency, we felt that it better to plan on an online conference.

However, because there have been changes in the health protocols, the committee is planning on fellowship/free time events in various areas of the synod.

We plan on being able to provide a schedule of both the presentations and the Free Time Activities by mid-June with registration opening by July 1.

In the meantime, should anyone wish to be in touch with the committee, please contact either Pastor John Heins, chairperson, at or Dn. Cheryl Erdmann at