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Northern Illinois Synod congregations are invited to be partners in a dynamic cohort-building capacity for your ministry. “Stewardship for All Seasons” (SAS) helps congregations delve deeply into God’s mission, discerning the ways that God calls the congregation to expand ministry and inviting people to be a part of financially supporting that mission. In SAS money is clearly talked about, though always in terms of the ministry that those funds make possible.

The first series of the SAS process happens over a 24-month period, allowing time for informing people of your ministry, motivating them to get excited about it, asking them for support, and thanking them for their participation. Telling the story of God’s work in the congregation is not only key to cultivating generosity, it also has a significant impact on the impressions people have of your ministry. SAS brings the best in non-profit fundraising into a congregational setting, providing proven methods of connecting with donors.

Paul Marsh and Pete Reuss from GSB Fundraising will teach, coach and lead the cohort. Registration is $3,300 per year. If needed the payments can be made in two installments. If you wish to pay in two installments, contact Rev. Gary Erickson before registering. For details on installment payments or on other aspects of this program, contact   

Find out more at Stewardship For All Seasons | Strengthening charitable causes to change the world through generosity.

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