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The Synod Youth Subcommittee is searching for youth who are leaders in their congregations and their communities to be a part of the Synod’s LIGHT team. The LIGHT team was formed in an initiative to cooperatively plan, at the synod level, ministry for youth and young adults. These youth leaders work together to generate ideas, plan the event(s), and lead the event(s) they planned. The adults on the team are available for support and guidance.

Please spend some time in prayer thinking about the youth in your congregation. Then, as you feel led, please encourage your leaders, in grades 9-12, to apply to be a part of this team. The application can be found here. We are looking for two student representatives from each conference and for two more students to fill at-large bids. This means the team is 18 students strong. All are welcome to apply.

The coronavirus has thrown a wrench in how we typically work, so the meeting schedule will be adjusted, as needed, for coronavirus. Our typical schedule would include regular meetings via zoom to check-in with each other and complete follow-up items. The majority of the planning happens at 4-5 in person meetings that have taken place in Oregon, IL because it is most central to the team members. The in person retreats are typically Friday 7 pm-Saturday 12 pm. We work hard, we play hard, and we worship together during this time.

This year’s LIGHT team has presented at CRE and Synod Assembly in 2019 and have planned an event that has been postponed several times due to coronavirus. While we may not be able to offer the Ignite 2020 event, the youth have worked extremely hard to plan all the details of a great weekend of faith formation and fun. We look forward to this year’s team and all that they will work towards.

Your questions about the team may be directed to Rev. Karyn Kost, Youth Subcommittee Chair, at 815-661-6315 or


Northern Illinois Synod Youth Subcommittee