The purpose of the Youth Ministry Subcommittee is to facilitate faith-formation of young people through:

  • The building up of relationships
  • Resourcing of leaders
  • Organization of youth ministry events that congregations can’t do on their own

The Synod Youth Subcommittee is searching for high school youth who are leaders in their congregations and their communities to be a part of the Synod’s Light team. The Light team was formed in an initiative to cooperatively plan, at the synod level, ministry for youth and young adults. These youth leaders work together to generate ideas, plan the event(s), and lead the event(s) they planned. The adults on the team are available for support and guidance.

Please spend some time in prayer thinking about the youth in your congregation. Then, as you feel led, please encourage your leaders, in grades 9-12, to apply to be a part of this team. The application can be found here. We are looking for two student representatives from each conference and for two more students to fill at-large bids. This means the team is 18 students strong. All are welcome to apply.


For more information on youth ministry in the NIS, contact your conference representative:


Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center (LOMC)

ELCA Youth Ministry

ELCA Campus Ministries

ELCA Young Adult Ministry

ELCA Colleges

ELCA Schools

ELCA Outdoor Ministries

Synod Staff Liaison:
Deacon K Graddy