The Northern Illinois Synod (“Synod”) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (“ELCA”) is committed to preventing sexual misconduct within the Church and to responding with justice and compassion when such misconduct occurs.

This Statement of Policy describes how the Synod intends to fulfill these commitments. The Synod recognizes that responding to allegations of sexual misconduct requires determination, sensitivity, flexibility, and respect for all persons affected, including the victim, the rostered person, their families and friends, the congregation, the Synod, and the whole church.

This policy is intended to provide a framework for guidance in dealing with these cases while preserving the synod’s discretion to treat each person and each case in the manner necessitated by differing facts, circumstances, and needs of those affected. This policy cannot be imposed as rigid law, binding the Synod and others to its dictates; it must be interpreted and applied compassionately in accordance with the theological and biblical principles of the Gospel.