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St. John's is a place for you to be yourself, a place for you to ask questions, and a place for you to grow!

St. John’s has a long history of serving the town of Hebron and the surrounding community. A group of dedicated and faithful Christians began the church in 1892. We celebrate a rich Christian heritage along with nearly 5 million members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

As Lutherans we treasure the good news of the Bible. We know that God saves us through Jesus Christ not as a reward for our hard work, holiness, or success, but because God loves us!

Just as the disciples were invited to “come and see” what Jesus was all about (John 1:46), St. John’s invites you to “come and see” how God is working in your life and how together we can deepen our relationship with God

9812 St. Albans St.

Hebron, IL


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