The Rev. Jeffrey Clements


  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Spiritual Leader
  • Teacher of the Faith
  • Pastor to all
  • Servant of the Synod


Full-Time Staff

Deacon(ess) Cheryl Erdmann

Assistant to the Bishop for Administration

815-964-9934 (office)
815-236-6657 (mobile)

The Rev. Gary Erickson

Assistant to the Bishop and Director for Evangelical Mission (DEM)

815-964-9934 (office)
815-289-6055 (mobile)

The Rev. Pat Esker

Assistant to the Bishop

  • Administration
  • Financial Administrator
  • Coordination of Synod and Congregation Constitutions
  • Legal Issues

815-964-9934 (office)

HANSON, MarilynThe Rev. Marilyn Hanson

Assistant to the Bishop

  • Call Process Coordination
  • Synod Assembly Co-chairperson
  • liaison to the Central and South Conferences

815-964-9934 (office)
815-494-7599 (mobile)

Part-Time Staff

The Rev. Dr. Denver Bitner

Assistant to the Bishop for the North and Northwest Conferences

  • Relates to North Conference, Northwest Conference, and Synod staff
  • Reports to the Bishop


The Rev. Michel Clark

Assistant to the Bishop for the West and Southwest Conferences

  • Relates to West Conference, Southwest Conference, and Synod staff
  • Reports to the Bishop


Deacon Karin Graddy

Assistant to the Bishop for Communication


Support Staff

Julie Lewis

Executive Secretary to the Bishop/Office Manager


June Cain

Bookkeeper / Administrative Assistant



Nancy Corey

Administrative Assistant to Pastor Gary Erickson and Pastor Kurt Nordby; Registrar 

Rock Island Office