Bishop Stacie Fidlar

Minnette Willard, Vice President

The  Rev. Lu Cantrell, Secretary

Lori Whalen, Treasurer

The Rev. Joy Alsop

George Sanchez

Alex Chenoweth, Youth Member

Janice Forrest

The Rev. Brad Haugen

The Rev. Shellie Knight

The Rev. Frank Langholf

Nancy Lillevold

Jeana Forst, WELCA Representative

Brandon Graves

Rhonda Copeland

The Rev. Andy Tyrrell

Christina King

Katie Mehltretter

Our Mission/Purpose

The Synod Council is the Board of Directors of the Synod and serves as the interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly. It makes decisions which are not in conflict with actions taken by the Synod Assembly or which are not precluded by provisions of the Synod Constitution and Bylaws or the Constitution and Bylaws of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Our Current Mission is

to provide for the services outlined in the Synod Constitution. To maintain an adequate staff and organizational committees, to attain a prudent financial reserve, and to recommend program goals and budgets. Also, to increase outreach to and participation of synod sisters and brothers who are either people of color or people for whom English is not their first language. Also, to seek out and encourage youth and young adult members (those under 30 years of age.)

To develop opportunities for additional support of Synod ministries through the Synod Endowment Fund which will help strengthen the Synod in years to come.

In partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we will assess the possibilities for new mission starts, and work to establish and help fund mission congregations. In looking at outreach possibilities, we will assess other ministries and programs and provide opportunities for participation and service by our people. We will be cognizant of the ELCA and Synod inclusiveness goals.

A Brief History

The Synod was formed in June 1987 at its Constituting Convention at Augustana College. The office is located in the Luther Center building, 103 West State Street, Rockford. The current staff includes the Bishop, three full-time assistants (one shared with the Congregational and Synodical Mission unit of the ELCA), two part-time Assistants to the Bishop, one part-time Communications Coordinator, one Administrative Assistant to the Bishop, one Secretary (Rock Island Synod office), one Bookkeeper/Secretary, and a seventeen member council (4 officers, 1 youth representative, and 12 at-large members).

Members will be Expected to

attend Synod Assembly, Synod Council, and Conference meetings. Also participate in debates, serve on various Synod Council committees, articulate Synodical policies and goals, participate in and, when asked, lead devotions for Synod Council meetings, and abide by the Constitution of the Synod. Prayer and Christian concern are expected to be shown towards all who serve together as members of the Synod Council.

Time Requirements of this Ministry are

Four regular council meetings: All day Saturday meetings in September, January, April, and May. In addition, preparation time will be approximately two (2) to six (6) hours per meeting. At some point during the member’s three-year term, s/he may be asked to serve on the Executive Committee, on the Finance Committee or on a Task Force. Serving in this way will add two-three hours per meeting. Attendance at the annual Synod Assembly in June of every year is expected. Currently all meetings are being held online.

Our Commitments to Members During this Period are

All Council members will be mailed an agenda prior to each meeting. Also included in this mailing will be reports and information on agenda items. We are committed to treat Council members with common Christian courtesy and to pray for each other.

Expectations/Helpful Experience for Someone Wishing to Serve on Synod Council

· Having a familiarity with procedures for conduct of meetings and possessing some basic financial skills will be helpful to Council members.

· It is helpful to have held a leadership position in a congregation council or have served on a Synod committee.

· Knowledge of the Synod, its programs, structure, and ministries helps members to serve in a more knowledgeable way.